Thermal Barrier

Unprotected spray foam insulation can be a fire hazard, especially in a home setting. Thermal barriers are advanced materials applied between spray foam insulation and interior spaces, and are designed to detain the temperature rise of the foam during a fire situation, or to avert the foam's involvement in a fire. Yvon Insulation are experts in spray foam insulation, and can provide the technical expertise required in choosing the right thermal barrier product for the job. The types of thermal barriers that we employ are:

Intumescent Fireproof Coatings

Intumescent coatings are unique, in that they're brand specific (meaning that a particular brand of coating will only conform with a particular brand of spray foam insulation). They are applied in "paint" form which, when exposed to flame or heat, will bubble up, swell into a foam-like material, and act as a flame-resistant barrier in order to detain ignition. Intumescent fireproof coatings have aesthetic appeal - they're considered decorative as they're perfect for exposed surfaces that need to look appealing, are routinely applied to materials such as exposed structural steel, and are ideal for use in attics and crawlspaces.

Mineral Fiber Fireproofing

Mineral fiber fireproofing products consist of mineral wool fibers and a binder of either plaster or Portland cement. When introduced to water and applied, mineral fiber fireproofing insulates the protected area from temperature rise by limiting heat flow and achieving fire resistance for up to four hours. This tupe of insulation product is well suited for metal decking, steel joists and structural steel columns, in an interior or semi-exposed location. Products are available in standard and medium density for use in tempered and untempered indoor applications. In addition to insulating value and fire protection, mineral fiber fireproofing will also provide soundproofing.

Protective Fireproofing Systems

Yvon Insulation is recognized as a qualified application contractor for products such as (brand names). These are spray-applied, industry-standard fireproofing products that are commonly used for interior structural steel applications. They're designed to bond with steel and concrete, and to diminish and often prevent burning. Protective fireproofing systems offer a protective coating that is durable, long wearing and uniform, and excel in performance and value.

Yvon Insulation provides one-source fireproofing services to satisfy high-demand project needs in or around Guelph. Our expert team will help you select the right thermal barrier product for your home, manage the entire installation process, and ensure that the application meets or exceeds the highest standard. Yvon Insulation belongs to the National Fireproofing Contractors Association, a group of professionals who provide Passive Fire Protection that's often a prerequisite of the building code. It's essential that product specifications and building code compliance are considered and met, and our expert product knowledge and installation experience makes Yvon Insulation the right choice for thermal barriers, so contact us today for your fireproofing needs in and around Guelph!

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